The Presbyterian Endowment Education Resource Network (PEER Network)


To provide resources that encourage primarily Presbyterian churches and related organizations toward best practices in gift planning and the use of endowments. Clients may include entities such as denominational governing bodies, retirement homes, educational institutions, family service organizations, and the like.



The management of gifts to a church or other non-profit organization for the ongoing support of the organization. Normally a corpus or principal amount is kept intact while income and appreciation are made available for charitable purposes.

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Planned giving

Planned giving (gift planning or legacy giving) is a giving strategy for supporting a church or other nonprofit that enables philanthropic individuals to leave money or assets that they are unable to release until a later point.  A planned gift is any major gift made in lifetime or at death that is a part of a donor's overall financial or estate planning.

Please visit our sister-organization for a subscription program on planned giving that includes a marketing plan and a variety of materials.  Reach our partner, Planned Giving Navigator, at www.PlannedGivingNavigator.org, or click the link below.