Your Community's Demographics: Robust Tool for Presbyterian Churches

The Presbyterian Research Services provides free online demographic information for the community around your congregation based on U.S. Census data.  Whether you love charts, geographic maps, data or trends, this has something that you will find fascinating.  

After selecting your church and your preferred radius (the surroundings that you want to study), the program will provide you with local data on:

  • Annual population growth

  • Percentage of households with children

  • Adult age distribution

  • Housing types

  • Education level of adults

  • Household income

  • Major cultural/ethnic groups

This is an outstanding tool for understanding your congregation's role and areas for growth within your community.  

How is this relevant to endowment?  Understanding your community context can inform and even guide the use of an endowment toward the community's needs.  Visible and powerful community impact can be the greatest tool for both evangelism and for cultivating new gifts to an endowment.    

What a great tool the PCUSA Research Services has given us:  Community context.