PEER's Planned Giving Program Gets a Big Makeover and a New Home

The PEER planned giving subscription program has been dramatically upgraded and transferred to become the Planned Giving Navigator, a new program of the Presbyterian Foundation.  Let’s go through this in parts:

For PEER Annual Subscription Members
Two important developments:

  1. Program Design:  the planned giving subscription program has just been dramatically re-designed.  Since it is a tool to help you navigate planned giving resources, we have given it the title Planned Giving Navigator. 
    Why the re-design?  We have explored multiple ways to overcome two major challenges:  (1) keeping our latest programs at your fingertips, and (2) providing a level of service responsive to where your program is in its planned giving cycle, acknowledging that temporary distractions from planned giving are inevitable.  We needed to design a program on your terms - to quickly deliver our latest resources and to help maintain your momentum and memory especially following those dormant periods when attention has strayed from planned giving.  The best solution was to engineer your team’s own online space – your Planned Giving Navigator.  This online space receives and stores your resources especially for you – and holds your place for those times when planned giving steps into the background.  Interested in seeing it work?  Please take a tour.  If you’ve been a PEER member, you can find your login information at the “welcome PEER members”.  If you are not a member, come check out the home page and a video tour at
  2. A New Home:  The re-designed Planned Giving Navigator program has become a department at the Presbyterian Foundation.  The PEER and Presbyterian Foundation leadership are enthusiastic that this transfer presents an effective strategy and a wise use of resources to further advance our mutual support of our churches, missions and ministries.  Karl Mattison, the Executive Director of PEER Network, will transfer to the Presbyterian Foundation to run the Planned Giving Navigator program.  Karl will still be supporting PEER on a limited basis.  

PEER Network remains an independent 501c3 that continues to seek new ways to gather and share best practices and resources for the creative use of endowments. First PEER has just launched this new website.  Next we are seeking new ways to connect you to the experts and resources that you need. 

Watch for upcoming e-newsletters with great ideas and resources from professionals and volunteers who have done it right!