Setting the PLAN



Determine program logistics

These are the nuts and bolts of how the team will launch and run the program. After defining your goals and the composition of your congregation, you can begin establishing your plan structure. How much time can you devote to this program? What will the meeting schedule be? What are the specific responsibilities of each team member? What is the timeframe for achieving goals, and what are the milestones along the way?



Create a Year-in-a-Day Communication Plan

A communication plan is key to an effective program. It should include all intended means of communication, including a calendar of events and overall goals. Good communication is about more than mailings and asks. Set aside one day with your program team, to brainstorm and plan various ways you can cast the vision for living forward and giving forward all year long. The Communication Plan on page 7 offers tips, and the Foundation’s Planned Giving Navigator offers additional communication tools to talk with your supporters about ways to make a gift to your church.



Make Personal Contact

Have a plan to follow up with anyone who shows substantial interest in making a gift, whether it is an immediate gift such as a permanent endowment fund or a deferred gift such as a charitable trust. A Presbyterian Foundation Ministry Relationship Officer can work with members to help them realize their dreams for the church through their giving. Prospective donors should always be encouraged to seek the counsel of their attorney or financial advisor.



Recognize donors

Recognition and thanks are key elements in a stewardship program. Thanking donors may also encourage others to consider including a charitable gift in their estate plans. Be sure to respect the wishes of individuals that prefer not to be recognized publicly.