A Message for PEER Members

Dear PEER Members,

We want to share with you some very important information about our planned giving membership program.  The membership program has been upgraded and transferred to become the Planned Giving Navigator - a program of the Presbyterian Foundation.  

Q:  What will change?  

A:  The most obvious changes will be:

  1. a new name "Planned Giving Navigator",

  2. a dramatic upgrade in the program (see the details at the Navigator for PEER Members),

  3. a new point of entry at www.PlannedGivingNavigator.org, and

  4. ownership and responsibility of this program, which will be under the Presbyterian Foundation starting immediately in 2015.

Q:  What will stay the same?  

A:  Aside from an expected improvement in the delivery and quality of our programs, you might notice very few other changes.  These things stay the same:

  1. the current staff,

  2. any and all planned giving recommendations, marketing tools and any other resources developed for you since your membership began, and

  3. stable subscription costs for the new Navigator - pricing remains the same as it has for the PEER membership program.

Q:  What is the upgraded Planned Giving Navigator program?  

A:  The new Navigator program is a customized web-based portal for your team that enhances our ability to provide: 

  1. more resources in a greater variety of media

  2. greater organization and easier retrieval of resources

  3. the full history of your materials and recommendations

  4. accessibility for your entire team

Through the online Navigator portal you can also see and access your planned giving web pages, your custom brochures, action items, library, planned giving calendar, billing and much more.  You can also upload your own policies to for accessibility by your full team.  

Q:  What is PEER Network's role in this?

A:  PEER Network will continue to gather and share best practices in endowments in exciting new ways.  PEER's mission stays the same.  PEER is exploring ways to further enhance the sharing of best practices and great ideas in cultivation and creative use of endowments. PEER's network of board members, volunteers and professionals is as vibrant as ever, and new ones are actively being recruited to share their experience with endowment successes as well as challenges in the coming months and years.  So for this PEER needs you:  when you have something successful or a challenge that you can and want to share, please capture it:  write it down, take a picture, call us up... and consider this your gift to share it with others.    

THANK YOU for all that you do!

If you have any questions about the movement or how this might impact you and your team, please do reach out to us at (888)-998-7337, or e-mail us at Karl@plannedgivingnavigator.org.

To visit your planned giving tools at their dedicated website, please visit www.PlannedGivingNavigator.org, or click the button below:  

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