Set the BASICS




Assemble Your Leadership Team

Organize a program team to provide consistent leadership and clear communication. Involve people from your Stewardship Committee, and those who can be enthusiastic champions of the program to various segments of the congregation. Include a mix of skill sets and relevant experience. Then, let the team take on the project and exercise ownership.



Create a Legacy Vision

People need to know why they should give toward the future. Use the Vision Worksheet to help them create a compelling, passionate, ambitious, yet realistic statement of the future of your church’s mission.



Develop / refine gift acceptance policies

Do yo have guidelines in place for the types of gifts that will be accepted? Do you know how gifts of securitise or property should be addressed? How will these gifts be invested and used? These are important issues that need to be resolved in advance. You will probably need to set up separate meetings with additional team members, and perhaps Session members, to explore these issues, and to make sure you understand the legal and tax implications for different kinds of gifts. The Ministry Relations Officers have sample gift acceptance policies.